İki Satır Stationart // A mint green brand

The idea for our mint green brand, İki Satır Stationart came to us in 2011; we found the name in 2012, and harvested our first products in 2013.

According to us, stationary is an art form which is more than and far from something only about staplers and spiral notebooks. Our primary concern is to create products in this frame of mind. Our first steps in this route are İki Satır postcards, followed by biajanda® diaries.

With our products, we aim to be a mediator for people who would like to drop their loved ones a line and encourage them to “act”, better to “write” (which may be the most fundamental of all acts).

In the heart of our current and future works lays this vigor and happiness that writing brings and not a vague nostalgia.

The names below are activists for and artists of İki Satır Stationart. We plan to keep on creating for people who still have something to write on paper.

Please remember to repeatedly ask your stationer for our products!

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Drop sb a line: (verb) To write someone a letter, espacially a short informal one.

“No regrets they don’t work

No regrets they only hurt

Sing me a love song

Drop me a line.”

/ / Robbie Williams

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