biajanda is a product of İki Satır Stationart. It is created with care by diary users and diary lovers for you to use at those moments when you say “Let me check my diary very quickly”.

The theme of our 2016 diaries is “moment, time and memory”. We want to remind you that time flies, people forget and most importanly everyday is a new day and we hope that your each day is like a brand new piece of paper that you would enjoy to write on!

biajanda 2016 weekly diary offers you following features:
  • Dimensions: 9,5 x 14 cm,
  • Perfect bound and hard cover,
  • Inside pages that you can write on with any pen you like,
  • Plain, user-friendly and joyful design.

Design: Kürşat Ünsal
Created and developed by: İki Satır Stationart
biajanda 2016 diary is printed in Istanbul in 2015.
All rights reserved.


is a registered trademark.