İki Satır at Your Wedding


Weddings are a lot of fun, at the same time a lot of work; each step a different adventure. So, what do you have left after the big day? Photographs, dried flowers, accessories, and also the words of the loved ones who were there that day, encouraging and supporting you, surrounding you with good wishes.

With our soft-edged postcards, let us help you and be the medium for these words!

Pick any number of any cards from İki Satır postcard series and let the happy wishes from your friends and loved ones be written on the back of a photo of a bird looking towards the horizon, or a tree going up to the sky; or a view of the Bosphorus on a cool day or the guy selling fresh bagels on the street!

And if you’d like, you can also create your own postcard for your wedding. Send us a photo that you think would make the perfect postcard and we can turn it into a real one for you!


Contact us from yaz@ikisatir.com.tr.

Taking up nearly no space in your drawer, trust us that a set of these cards will always bring a smile to your face!